My name is Katelin and Juniper Cloth originated in 2020, the year of forced new beginnings (pivoting with the times). I’ve have gone through some fun stages to get here though. From woodworking and refinishing in my parents garage (hey guys, I promise I’m still coming to clean up!), had a really cool interview with HGTV for a possible TV show (proud of that moment all the way), opened a wedding/bachelorette merch store on Etsy (named after my OG pup Tito, miss ya baby boy), now here we are..

Juniper meaning; small evergreen tree (also shoutout to GIN ayee). It represents the backbone of the home decor section in the shop. Cloth has a meaning of woven fabric. To me it sounds like a pure, clean fresh slate and a way to represent the apparel end of the shop. Combining the two simply, just works. It’s also not shouting at anyone either, just saying.


Glad you asked. Our purpose came into light when I realized what surrounding yourself with things you love really feels like. Even if that’s a shirt or a candle, if it makes you feel good, that matters. So my love for finding clothes with a lived in style, funky vibe, thrift store vintage feel and BASCIS couldn’t stay silent. You should feel uplifted, confident and comfortable at all times and curating a place for that while not spending a fortune is why I’m here. These handpicked items will either take you back in time or keep you feeling comfortably present without that ascetically correct vibe you may feel forced to wear. We offer fewer pieces to not oversaturate or overwhelm but also things you can’t live without, you’re welcome.

I’d love for you to come along on this adventure with us. Even if its just following our social media and seeing where we go from here. We want you to feel like you’re throwing on your favorite playlist, jumping in a convertible and driving cross county with your absolute favorite people, just to LIVE. Times can be rough, but don’t forget about the simple things. Surround yourself with what makes you happy, and live simply, that’s what truly matters.

We aren’t here forever, but we might as well feel good while we are. <3